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It's very important to make sure you are comfortable with your driving. Driving on the road is complex because it is not only one individual but many others on the road driving a car. There are other risky drivers on the road, but we assure that our services prevent risky driving behaviors.

Ila Driving School also offers behind the wheel lessons for adults who want to practice before taking their driving test at the DPS office.

The best way to become defensive driver  is with practice!

Adults age 18 and over please watch Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) videos

All adults 18+ must view the Impact Texas Driver Video to watch before going to Road Test and End of Video Print out certificate.

Age 18-24

"Safe Driving Starts with Safe Learning"

Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

The best way to become defensive driver enroll in driving school and get proper technique and practice!

​​​​Driving Covers:

​​ILA Driving School offers a flexibility based on the students and the instructor's schedules. 

Detailed Evaluation: The instructor observes and assesses the students driving skills and knowledge during the first lesson. Based on the evaluation, the instructor provides feedback and suggestions on what steps to take next.

Specific Lesson Objectives: our instructors do not “cruise” the road aimlessly. We fill each lesson with productivity, ensuring that each minute spent in the vehicle has a purpose.

Vehicle Awareness: we teach that the driver is the pilot of the vehicle and it is their responsibility to know their vehicle. A safe driver knows their vehicle and should know how to maintain their vehicle (ie. the significance of the oil light or the alternator light).

Intersection Awareness Skills: It is not the stop sign or traffic light that causes a crash. Few drivers naturally look in the right places to prevent collisions at intersections, thus, over 50% of all crashes happen here.

Space Cushion Management: controlling space around your vehicle takes a proactive driver and discipline. These skills DO NOT happen naturally.

Visual Scanning Skills: training a new driver to look “outside the lines” to find the dangers, then to separate and compromise.

Critical Skills: students get to “experience” Antilock brakes and off-road recovery, significantly reducing their risks of panicking in a real-life crisis situation.