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​Students must bring completion of certificate to our school to either take the DPS road test at our office or at any TX DPS location.

We offer online adult classes.

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​​Phase I

Adult age 18 & up 6 hours permit

$89.00 cash

​Bring Picture ID

6 Hour Permit Class

Texas requires adults ages 18-24 to complete a 6 hour theory course as well as Road Test. Adults over the age of 18 and up must pass a written exam and the Road Test. 

By combining the theory requirement with in-car driver training, you'll be better prepared for the Road Test.

Who can take the 6 Hour Permit Class?

  • Successfully Complete 6 hour Classroom Course
  • Pass the Written Exam
  • ​Recieve a Certificate of Course Completion
  • Before booking your Road Test, Complete Impact TX Drivers Video
  • Gather DPS Required Documentation

​​​​$75 Road Test Special

Get your driver license within 2 days if you qualify and you know how to drive. Give us call today!



Necesitas aprender a conducir ?

  • Debes tener la permiso de aprendiz
  • Te ensenamos estacionamiento paralelo